The Process Of Creating 

When it comes to moving, especially delicate or valuable items, the process of crating takes center stage in ensuring a smooth and secure transition. At Fast Track Moving, we have perfected this art to safeguard your belongings with the utmost care and precision.

Our custom crating process begins with meticulous measurements of the item to be crated. This step ensures a perfect fit, leaving no room for movement inside the crate. The choice of high-quality wood, tailored to the fragility and weight of the item, follows suit. Our skilled craftsmen then assemble the crate to be sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding the rigors of transportation.

Inside the crate, we add an extra layer of protection, often including padding, cushioning, or custom inserts designed specifically for your item. Fragile items are cocooned in foam or bubble wrap to absorb shocks and vibrations during transit.

Once your cherished possession is securely nestled inside, we seal the crate with precision, leaving no room for unexpected shifts or movements during transportation. This meticulous process minimizes the risk of damage, ensuring that your item arrives at its destination in the same pristine condition as when it was packed.

Fast Track Moving's commitment to custom crating is a testament to our dedication to the safe relocation of your most valuable belongings. When you choose us, you're not just getting a moving company; you're getting a partner that understands the importance of safeguarding your priceless items. Trust us to handle your cherished possessions with care and expertise, making your move a worry-free experience.

What Is Crating 

Custom crating is a specialized service offered by Fast Track Moving, meticulously designed to safeguard your valuable and delicate items during the moving process. It is a process that involves creating custom-built wooden containers or crates tailored to the specific dimensions and requirements of your belongings.

Here's a closer look at the custom crating process with Fast Track Moving:

1. Precise Measurement: Our expert team takes precise measurements of the item that needs crating. This step ensures that the crate will be a perfect fit, leaving no room for movement inside.

2. High-Quality Materials: We select the appropriate type and thickness of wood for constructing the crate, tailored to the fragility and weight of the item. Our goal is to create a crate that is not only sturdy but also capable of withstanding the rigors of transportation.

3. Interior Protection: Inside the crate, we go the extra mile to protect your item. This may include padding, cushioning, or custom inserts designed to securely hold the item in place. Fragile items are often surrounded by foam or bubble wrap to absorb shocks and vibrations during transit.

4. Secure Sealing: Once your valuable possession is carefully placed inside the crate, we seal it tightly. This ensures that the item remains stationary and secure throughout the journey, significantly reducing the risk of any damage during transportation.

Custom crating is an invaluable service, particularly for delicate items such as fine art, antiques, glassware, electronics, and more. It provides peace of mind to both our customers and our team, knowing that your cherished belongings will arrive at their destination in pristine condition. When you choose Fast Track Moving, you're not just choosing a moving company – you're choosing a partner committed to protecting your most valuable possessions during your move.


What Is Creating Used For

Custom crating, as provided by Fast Track Moving, serves a crucial purpose in ensuring the safe and secure transportation of a wide range of valuable and delicate items. Here's a glimpse of what custom crating is used for:

  1. Fine Art and Sculptures: Priceless paintings, sculptures, and artwork demand the highest level of protection during transit. Custom crates are designed to fit these items precisely, shielding them from any potential damage.

  2. Antiques: Delicate antique furniture and collectibles require specialized crating to prevent scratches, dents, or breakage during the move.

  3. Glass and Mirrors: Large or fragile glass items, including mirrors, benefit from custom crating to prevent shattering and ensure they arrive intact.

  4. Chandeliers: Ornate and fragile light fixtures like chandeliers can be safely transported using custom crates, protecting their intricate details.

  5. Marble and Stone: Heavy and fragile stone or marble items are secured within custom crates to prevent cracks or chips.

  6. Electronics: Sensitive and expensive electronic equipment, such as large TVs or delicate computers, are cushioned and protected inside custom crates to avoid damage during transit.

  7. Specialized Equipment: Machinery, equipment, or items with irregular shapes that cannot fit into standard boxes can be crated to ensure their safe delivery.

  8. Fragile or Valuable Collections: Whether it's a collection of delicate porcelain figurines or a valuable wine collection, custom crating provides the necessary protection for these items.

Custom crating, in essence, is a tailored solution to protect items that are too fragile, valuable, or uniquely shaped to be transported safely using standard moving boxes. It's a crucial service that ensures your most prized possessions arrive at their destination unscathed, making it an invaluable asset in the realm of moving and transportation. Fast Track Moving's commitment to providing top-notch custom crating ensures the safety and security of your valuable belongings throughout the entire moving process.